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    Fight hard for your Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits by engaging the experienced VA lawyers at Gustad Law Group in Tacoma, WA.

    Our military heroes enjoy free legal representation through various Veteran Service Organizations (VSO). However, many veterans experience unacceptable case delays due to the high demand for free services and the insurmountable workloads that VSO employees face.

    If the Department of Veterans Affairs denies your pension or disability application, do not give up. Regroup and go on the offensive by hiring private VA disability lawyers to give yourself the edge. Our seasoned veterans’ attorneys at Gustad Law Group in Tacoma will prioritize your VA benefits appeal, resulting in a more efficient resolution of your case.

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    VA Lawyers Serving Tacoma, Washington

    At Gustad Law Group, our knowledgeable veterans’ disability lawyers, paralegals, and support staff consider it an honor to serve our military men and women by providing them with comprehensive representation before the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. We take pride in aggressively advocating for those who have dedicated their lives to protecting us.

    In our experience, the VA personnel who review pension and disability applications consider it their duty to find even the slightest possible reason to reject a claim. While we appreciate their efforts to filter out any frivolous claims, we have encountered dozens of wrongfully rejected applications while representing our veteran clients.

    When you retain our services at Gustad Law Group, you hire an experienced, dedicated group of VA lawyers in Tacoma, WA. Give us a call so we can hear your story and help you put together an application package or appeal a rejected claim.

    Effective Representation

    Enhance your odds of receiving your VA benefits by retaining effective representation at any stage of the application and review process. Whether you wish to apply for your pension and disability benefits or would like to appeal a full or partial denial, our veterans’ disability attorneys can streamline the process and help you avoid time-consuming pitfalls.

    At Gustad Law Group, we have consistently increased the VA benefit rates of our military clients, resulting in 10% to 100% increases in the amount of compensation they receive. If necessary, our VA-accredited lawyers will represent you before the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

    VA Process

    Give yourself a better chance of submitting a successful application or winning your appeal by engaging a private veterans lawyer at Gustad Law Group in Tacoma, WA. For many individuals, the VA application and review process proves daunting. With so many forms to fill out and paperwork to attach, many applicants end up making costly mistakes.

    Some of the issues our VA disability attorneys have resolved for our clients include those that involve:

    • Issues related to the severity of injuries
    • Connecting military service to the injuries sustained
    • Erroneous VA benefit rates
    • Exacerbated pre-existing medical conditions
    • Full or partial denials

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    Thank You!

    All of the VA attorneys, paralegals, and support staff at Gustad Law Group would like to take a moment to thank you or your loved one for protecting all Americans at home and abroad. If you need assistance with your pension or disability claim, contact us to schedule a free consultation with our VA lawyers in Tacoma, Washington.

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    The Gustad Law Group is committed to getting you the representation you deserve; and a free consultation is the first step. Contact us today to request your free consultation.

    Are You Looking to Hire a Tacoma VA Disability Attorney?

    Protect your financial interests and receive the medical attention you need by hiring our seasoned VA disability lawyers at Gustad Law Group in Tacoma, WA.

    Many veterans choose to apply for benefits or appeal their denials by themselves; and, many fail. Some of the reasons you should consider engaging a veterans attorney include:

    • Faster resolution of your claim
    • Avoiding common mistakes
    • Professional guidance throughout the process
    • Increased chances of success on appeal

    Tacoma Veterans (VA) Disability Statistics

    According to the United States Census Bureau, over 86,000 veterans have made their home in Pierce County, WA. More than 18,000 veterans live in the City of Tacoma. Of those 86,000+ Pierce County veterans, around one-third received some form of benefits from the Department of Veteran Affairs in 2017.

    Between July 2018 and June 2019, the Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs granted 81% of all claims. By extrapolating that success rate back through history, we can estimate that approximately 1,400 of the 18,000 current Tacoma veterans once applied for benefits and received full denials of their claims.

    At Gustad Law Group, we would love to assist every one of those 1,400 Tacoma veterans so they can receive the benefits they so desperately need. If you are one of them, please contact us at (206) 737-1776 for a free consultation.

    9 Considerations on Why to Hire Our VA Attorneys in Tacoma

    Choosing the right VA attorneys can mean the difference between a successful claim and one that gets denied. Our veterans’ disability attorneys enjoy stellar reputations among colleagues, clients, and VA personnel for their professionalism and dedication to our nation’s heroes. Read on to discover the top nine things to consider before hiring our firm’s veterans’ lawyers.

    VA Accreditation

    Our veterans’ disability lawyers work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest VA developments. All of our veterans’ disability attorneys maintain their official accreditations with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Our Field of Legal Practice

    When you hire VA lawyers in Tacoma, make sure they have considerable experience in the field. At Gustad Law Group, Veterans Affairs claims and denials make up the bulk of our caseload.

    Reputation and References

    We pride ourselves on our untarnished reputation and happily provide references to all potential clients who contact us.

    Trusted Assessments

    Our clients and colleagues regularly rely on us for our valuable assessments of VA claims. In most cases, we will be able to tell you if you have a valid VA claim by the end of your free consultation.

    Transparency and Trust

    Our VA disability lawyers remain dedicated to providing transparent insight into each VA claim. We do not waste our clients’ money by taking cases that we know will lose.

    Your Budget and Legal Fees

    At Gustad Law Group, we do everything we can to work within a veteran’s budget by modifying our legal fees for especially meritorious cases and disadvantaged applicants.

    Representation Before the Court of Appeals for Veterans

    One of the advantages of retaining our VA attorneys is our ability to represent you through the entire process, including cases that reach the U.S. Court of Appeals. That way, you avoid the hassle of having to find new counsel in the middle of your case.

    Ability to Communicate

    Our VA lawyers have demonstrated their profound ability to communicate their ideas and argumentation clearly when dealing with VA personnel and U.S. District Court judges.

    Level of Professionalism

    We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, from the initial phone call until the final resolution of your case.

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