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    If you’ve been injured on in the workplace and are seeking justice, contact our law firm right away. Washington construction accident lawyer John Paul Gustad will aggressively pursue your case to ensure you secure compensation for your pain and suffering.

    Working on a construction site can be a dangerous job. Thousands are killed or injured every year. In fact, across the United States construction related incidents account for 20 percent of workplace fatalities annually. These injuries often happen when safety programs are ignored or entirely absent from the work site. No matter the case, when a company’s negligence leads to the injury of an employee, that employee has the right to be properly compensated.

    We will find out what rules apply and who should be held responsible in your situation. After an accident, your employer and insurer will likely try to convince you to agree to a settlement that is worth far less than what you deserve. Fighting these influential defendants in court necessitates experience, skills and determination.

    Washington construction accident lawyer John Paul Gustad will work hard to pursue your claim and ensure you are suitably compensation for your workplace injury. Our law firm will investigate your case to hold the right people accountable and help you restore your way of life after an injury. We work thoroughly to make sure you are receiving both the proper compensation and medical care needed to make your recovery process easier.

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