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I was badly injured while riding my bicycle onto the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle. The railroad tracks are depressed into the blacktop and are not clearly visible and there was no signage identifying this hazard. I went down hard on my bicycle and badly injured my knee, fractured my shoulder and nearly required a total shoulder replacement. I called J.P. Gustad at Gustad Law Group and explained what happened. Gustad never hesitated and got to work right away, identifying who was responsible for maintaining the tracks, as well as the trail, and he put forth a demand for my injuries. Gustad was responsive and efficient, and he kept me well informed. I was extremely happy with the settlement Gustad Law Group recovered for me and this far exceeded my expectations. I happily recommend Gustad Law Group to anyone who is injured by someone else’s negligence.

Dr. Todd Edwards

A group of very patient and helpful people. Mr. Gustad really helped to put me at ease during a very intense time for me.. thank you to Mr. Gustad and the rest of the group for helping me get the help I needed to better my life.

L Milam206

Gustad Law assisted me with my Social Security Disability application and the application was approved in record time. They were courteous, professional and responsive to my questions and concerns. Worth it to get a lawyer - so glad I chose Gustad Law.

Victoria Dzenis

I am thankful I found Gustad Law Group. The coaching I received the day before my hearing diminished my anxiety. At the end of the hearing, I received a favorable decision and the judge made a point to tell me I had good representation by my lawyer. And my doctor asked me to remind him of my lawyers name the next day when I told him of my favorable results, saying my lawyer helped make it easy to provide support for my case. The person who referred me knew two other people who had good results with Gustad Law Group as well.

Melissa Richards

Professional Expert - Javier Espinoza took care of my case and ensured it was being handled at the very best level. Articulate – very precise with all documentation, timelines and meetings. In several instances in which I was impacted medically and financially, Javier ensured everything was handled. He spent days with me in the hospital and time outside of work to get the feel of my life and family to ensure he could represent us the best possible way he could. -Doesn’t back down. Javier is very critical and calculated with his work. On my case he ensured that my interests where first, my family was taken care of first, and he was at the forefront of our case. -Exceptional and Timely Work ethic. He never misses deadlines, never had any issues with mistakes or refusing paperwork. Puts quality emphasis on your claim and holds the other liable party the same. Really pleased to have him on my team and no doubt in my mind that he will take care of you like he has me. That’s a GUARANTEE!!

Heath G.

John Gustad was honestly a life saver. My husband was injured in Afghanistan and we had tried everything we could to fight the VA for the disability and only hit dead ends for 4 years! We found Gustad Law and after working with John for awhile my husband received his 100% disability from the VA! A lot of things in our life were depended on what we received and we couldn’t have done it without Mr. Gustad. We are so appreciative for all his work to help my husband get what he deserves!


Mr Gustad and his staff are very professional and people oriented. they handled my disability case even though it was complicated and far from a sure win. It took 5 years yet they stood by me and were always there for me. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Mr Gustad.


I am so glad I hired Mr. Gustad to represent me in my Disability case. After being denied 3 times and months of deliberation between doctors and therapists we got a court date and even though he works around the Washington State, his receptionist and co-partner were able to communicate and correlate needed papers and signatures. Needless to say I was granted my disability. Thank you John Paul Gustad.


After I hired an attorney in 2012, that did not go well, I found Gustad and wish I had known of and hired them sooner. Very professional, accurate answers to all questions I had and really worked hard for me. I won my case finally, thanks solely to the Gustad Team. Please hire for your needs and trust in them. They get the job done and provide a less stressful situation for you, the client.


I felt like I was in good hands from the start. It’s a long process but they were always able to answer any questions I would have. When it came time for my hearing, Mr. Gustad was more than prepared. I could tell he really put his best effort into helping me get the outcome I had hoped for.


I would without hesitation recommend Mr. Gustad. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. He will certainly be my lawyer of choice if the need should ever arise again.


When I came to John Paul Gustad I was completely overwhelmed and scared. I had an attorney that was less than helpful, and I was nearing my trial date. Thankfully, John Paul happily took over my case. This guy gets things done! He doesn’t just do what’s necessary, he goes above and beyond. John Paul helped me win my case after I had been struggling for three years. I can’t thank him enough.


I was referred to Gustad Law Group by Mike Shaw at the Guardians Foundation in Spokane, WA. I would like to make a SHOUT OUT to them for assisting me when I became homeless in 2016! They saved my life. Please look them up and support them as much as possible. I am a disabled Veteran (U.S.A.F. ’78-’83), and this law firm has worked diligently and faithfully to assist me in obtaining my SSDI. When I had questions, they answered all of my questions promptly and with true professionalism, but also with heart and care. Even when I was not as “available” as I should have been due to my disability, they were there for me. They assisted in and handled the paperwork and reminded me when I needed to return something quickly due to SSDI statutory date requirements. It all worked and we succeeded. I would like to extend special appreciation to John-Paul for driving all the way from Seattle to Portland to fight for my case. The day before the hearing he called and made sure I was prepared. I also want to extend my appreciation to Angela, Rachel and Bryan for assisting in my case. All of you were patient with me and extended professional and caring courtesy to me in all my correspondences. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUSTAD!

Chiancone Jr.

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