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    If you’ve served your country and now have a disability, you may be eligible for federal disability benefits. Unfortunately, many Seattle veterans find the application process confusing or encounter difficulty proving that their qualifying condition stemmed from an in-service injury, illness, or event.

    That’s where the Gustad Law Group and our team of VA lawyers in Seattle can help. Our VA disability lawyers are proud to represent veterans throughout Seattle and Washington State in securing Service Connected Disability Benefits from the Veterans Administration.

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    VA Lawyers Serving Seattle, Washington

    At the Gustad Law Group, our VA lawyers understand that veterans with disabilities aggravated during active military service, or veterans who became disabled because of an injury or disease during their service, may be eligible for tax-free monthly benefits to compensate for their inability to work.

    A disability may be a physical condition, such as a chronic illness or injury, or a mental health condition, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our experienced Seattle VA lawyers know how to gather evidence to link your medical diagnosis to the service-related matter that caused it, qualifying you for compensation.

    Effective Representation

    Our VA attorneys have represented veterans for years in applying for and appealing denied or insufficient benefits. Our recoveries include $193,600 for a housebound veteran with PTSD and $35,800 in retroactive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for another veteran.

    We’re passionate about providing personalized and professional representation to our nation’s veterans and their families because our team members have served as well. Our VA advocate Corey Davenport served in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps for more than 16 years, earning two Bronze Star Medals. He understands the VA benefits process firsthand.

    VA Process

    The VA provides insurance and housing benefits to veterans with disabilities, plus tax-free monetary benefits and pension benefits to veterans and their surviving spouses, children, or parents. The VA bases these payments on a qualifying veteran’s disability rating and details about dependent family members.

    Although veterans can apply for benefits online, the claims process can be lengthy. As of September 2021, the VA took an average of 143 days to complete disability-related claims.

    The VA lawyers in Seattle at Gustad Law Group can help expedite this process. The VA has a Fully Developed Claims program where veterans can submit all necessary supporting documents and evidence with their application.

    Our veterans’ disability attorneys can:

    • Review your application
    • Gather the evidence you need
    • Certify there’s nothing more the VA needs to pursue to decide your claim.

    We also can review the VA’s decision with you and help you file an appeal if necessary.

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    Thank You!

    Whether you’ve served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, or on another operation, the VA attorneys at the Gustad Law Group are grateful for your service. Let us stand up for you when you need it, just like you stood up for our country. Get in touch with us to discuss how our VA lawyers in Seattle can help you.

    The Gustad Law Group is committed to getting you the representation you deserve; and a free consultation is the first step. Contact us today to request your free consultation.

    Why Hire a Seattle VA Disability Attorney?

    Washington State ranks twelfth in the nation in its population of veterans, with an estimated 562,000 veterans as of 2019. A large percentage (about 11 percent to 16 percent) live in the Seattle area.

    Unfortunately, many veterans may be waiting to learn whether they qualify for much-needed compensation or pension benefits to help their families.

    Having the Gustad Law Group and our VA lawyers in Seattle on your side expedites this process and swiftly addresses any snags along the way. If your claim is denied or results in less compensation than you believe your condition deserves, our VA disability lawyers assist you with the appeals process.

    Seattle Veterans (VA) Disability Statistics

    About 9% of the adult population in Washington State are veterans compared to about 7% nationwide, VA statistics show.

    Of those Washington State veterans, about 11% (roughly 61,000 people) are women, and about 44% (roughly 244,000 people) are age 65 or older.

    As of September 2020, statistics show that about 150,000 veterans in Washington State received disability compensation, and about 4,400 received a pension. Yet, these figures also indicate that a substantial number of veterans don’t receive the compensation they should.

    VA Disability Compensation

    The VA calculates a qualifying veteran’s disability and then uses that percentage to gauge monthly tax-free compensation.


    Veterans must establish that their active service aggravated or caused a debilitating disease or injury or that their post-service disabilities are related to their service.

    How to File a Claim

    This involves providing your discharge or separation papers, medical records, dependency records (if applicable), and evidence of any link between your disability and an injury or event incurred or aggravated while on active duty or during training.

    Filing a Claim Online

    Through the online VA Fully Developed Claims program, you can submit all evidence and supporting documents with your claim.

    What to do after filing a claim?

    Track your claim’s status online and stay alert for any request requesting more information or a VA medical exam to assess your condition.

    Compensation Benefits for a Surviving Spouse & Dependents (VA DIC)

    A surviving spouse, child, or parent also may be eligible for VA benefits if a service member dies while on active duty, on active duty for training, on inactive duty training, or from a service-connected disability.

    Our Seattle VA Lawyers

    Our Seattle VA attorneys proudly represent veterans vigorously in applying for and appealing benefits that the VA has denied or calculated below what they deserve. Our team of VA lawyers in Seattle includes a U.S. Army Military Police Corps veteran who knows the benefits process firsthand.

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    At the Gustad Law Group, we’ve successfully advocated for veterans in need for years, providing thorough, professional, and compassionate representation.

    If you find the VA disability benefits process overwhelming, or you’re unsure how to handle a denial, our VA lawyers in Seattle are here to serve you, just as you once served our country. Contact our VA attorneys today to discuss how we can help you claim the rightful compensation you deserve.