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    Many veterans who faithfully served our country are now suffering from persistent health issues. Unfortunately, when veterans apply for VA benefits, they may encounter denial of their claim.

    Our VA lawyers in Spokane, WA, at Gustad Law Group can help you protect your rights and maximize your chances of obtaining fair benefits.

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    VA Lawyers Serving Spokane, Washington

    Did the Department of Veterans Affairs deny your pension or disability compensation benefits? Do you believe your current pension or VA disability compensation is incorrect?

    If so, you are one of many veterans who struggle with their VA applications. Nationwide, VSOs (Veterans Service Organizations) are sinking under the deluge of cases that did not receive proper attention from the VA.

    As a war veteran, you may be suffering from medical conditions that require prolonged and expensive treatment. You deserve personalized, zealous, and knowledgeable legal representation from an accredited veterans attorney.

    The veteran disability attorneys of Gustad Law Group have decades of experience helping veterans obtain the full extent of their VA benefits. Our veterans’ disability attorneys can deal with the Department of Veterans Affairs on your behalf and do everything legally possible to ensure a legitimate consideration of your claim.

    Effective Representation

    Often, the VA will try to assert that there is no connection between the veteran’s health issues and their military service. The Department of Veterans Affairs may claim that the veteran’s condition existed before their service or that their symptoms aren’t severe enough to merit compensation.

    Veterans who aren’t fully aware of their legal rights often give up and face overwhelming medical expenses unassisted. Many veterans don’t know that even if they had a pre-existing medical condition, they can still claim benefits if they prove that military service has made their health condition worse.

    This is why you need a team of experienced VA lawyers in Spokane on your side. Gustad Law Group’s knowledgeable VA disability lawyers know how to connect the dots between the veteran’s testimony, their medical condition, and their military service. We leverage established case law to present a watertight VA benefits claim.

    Gustad Law is part of the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates. We are also proud to hold a place among the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers.

    VA Process

    Filing with the VA to obtain disability compensation or pension benefits can be a daunting, complicated process. The VA attorneys of Gustad Law Group know how to:

    • Navigate the complex VA rating schedule
    • Aim for higher VA rating percentages
    • Appeal partial or full denials of VA benefits

    Our veterans’ lawyers represent veterans before the regional VA office, the Board of Veterans Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

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    Thank You!

    As VA disability attorneys, we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to military, naval, and air service veterans in the Spokane area. Thank you for your service and for all you have sacrificed for our country.

    Gustad Law is here to help represent your claim before the Regional Office for Veterans Affairs. Call (206) 533-2222 today for a free consultation with our VA lawyers in Spokane, WA.

    The Gustad Law Group is committed to getting you the representation you deserve; and a free consultation is the first step. Contact us today to request your free consultation.

    Importance of Hiring a Spokane VA Disability Attorney

    Our VA lawyers in Spokane, Washington, ensure that the VA gives your claim proper consideration. Without knowledgeable legal representation by veteran disability attorneys, many veterans fall through the loopholes of the VA disability compensation system.

    Our experienced VA disability lawyers at Gustad Law Group can prevent frustrating situations in which the VA attempts to downplay the veteran’s medical condition or deny a health issue’s connection with the veteran’s military service.

    Spokane Veterans (VA) Disability Statistics

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    According to the American Community Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, between the years 2015 and 2019, around 21,800 veterans in Spokane County had a service-connected disability rating of 70% or higher. Over 7,500 people had a disability rating of 50 or 60%.

    These statistics represent people suffering from a range of severe, debilitating medical conditions resulting from their military service. However, the actual numbers may be higher, as many veterans encounter denial of their VA claims or get a low disability rating that does not represent the extent of their service-related medical issues.

    How Much is Available to Veterans From the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit?

    Older veterans often struggle with the overwhelming expenses of senior care. Depending on current income and asset limits, the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit may extend the following assistance to qualifying individuals:

    • Married veterans: up to $3,032 per month
    • Single veteran: up to $1,881 per month
    • Surviving spouse of veteran: up to $1,278 per month
    • Veterans pension with spouse: up to $2,226 per month
    • Veterans pension: up to $1,911 per month

    Benefits of Hiring Our VA Attorneys

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    Here is why Gustad Law’s veterans’ disability attorneys are the top choice for Spokane veterans and their families who need VA lawyers in Spokane.

    VA Accreditation & Legal Expertise

    Our accredited veterans’ attorneys have decades of experience representing disability and pension claims before the VA. We are proud of our results-driven methods that have helped thousands of veterans and their families pursue the compensation they deserve.

    Reputation and References

    Gustad Law is part of the National Organization of Veteran’s Advocates, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, and the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR).

    Transparency and Trust

    We evaluate each case with complete honesty and transparency. Our veteran lawyers will always give you a realistic picture of what you may expect.

    Your Budget and Legal Fees

    We fully understand the budget constraints of veterans applying for VA benefits. We offer a free, confidential consultation with a veterans disability lawyer for each case.

    Ability to Communicate & Level of Professionalism

    At Gustad Law, your VA attorney will work with you from start to finish. We practice a comprehensive, client-focused approach and constant communication.

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