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Our social security disability lawyers have represented more than 4,000 people with SSDI / SSI claims in Washington state. If you need help appealing a denial or applying for SSDI and SSI, contact our law firm right away.

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    To qualify for Social Security disability benefits in Tacoma, WA, you must have a permanent or long-term (12+ months) disability that prevents you from working. However, 60% to 70% of initial disability claims by Washington residents do not lead to compensation.

    You can increase your chances of filing a successful claim by working with a Social Security disability lawyer in Tacoma. At Gustad Law Group, our Social Security attorneys can handle your disability claim from start to finish and make the process less unpredictable and trying.

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    Social Security Disability Attorney Serving Tacoma, Washington

    You can’t file a successful Social Security claim if you don’t meet the disability criteria of the Social Security Administration (SSA). At Gustad Law Group, our Social Security lawyers can evaluate your case and provide honest advice and representation regarding your eligibility for disability benefits. If you are eligible, we can work with you to ease the disability claim process.

    At Gustad Law Group, we have years of experience filing and submitting disability claim forms. Be sure to work with our Social Security attorneys to have your claim filed correctly on the first try with the necessary medical evidence.

    If you’ve already submitted a disability claim form and it was unsuccessful, let our Social Security disability attorneys handle your appeal. Get in touch with us today to meet one of our Social Security disability lawyers in Tacoma.

    Personalized Service with a Team Approach

    At Gustad Law Group, every client receives tailored, committed legal representation at every stage of the disability claim process. After contacting us for help with your SSDI claim, we will assign you a qualified Social Security lawyer.

    Your Social Security disability attorney and our team of former Social Security Administration (SSA) employees will then study your case. Fully understanding your case will better equip your SSDI lawyer to help you pursue justice and rightful compensation.

    Multiple Locations to Serve You

    Contacting Gustad Law Group for the ideal SSDI attorney for your claims process is hassle-free, thanks to our strategically located offices. If you are in Tacoma, visit us at 2413 Pacific Avenue, Suite 120. Since we are in the same building as the Tacoma Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), we can file processes quickly to fast-track administrative hearings.

    Clients outside Tacoma can reach us at our Seattle, WA, office at 13510 Aurora Avenue North, Suite C-1 – right beside the SSA Seattle North Office. Alternatively, come to our Spokane, WA, office at 1312 N. Monroe Street, Suite 229.

    Our Tacoma, WA, office is open to all walk-ins who need dependable SSDI lawyers.

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    Effective Social Security Disability Attorney Representation

    If you need competent Social Security disability lawyers, look no further than Gustad Law Group. Our firm’s founder, John-Paul Gustad, has served as the Social Security attorney of over 4,000 SSDI and SSI claimants.

    Our SSDI lawyers leverage his unique knowledge to deliver effective legal representation, leading to several clients receiving their rightful disability benefits. Let us use our experience, knowledge, and resources to your legal advantage.

    Contact us at Gustad Law Group today to schedule a free consultation with our Social Security disability lawyers in Tacoma, WA.

    The Gustad Law Group is committed to getting you the representation you deserve; and a free consultation is the first step. Contact us today to request your free consultation.

    Hiring a Tacoma Social Security Disability Attorney

    Most Social Security disability claimants lack legal representation during the initial claim application, leading to almost 70% of these applications fail. Work with a Social Security disability lawyer in Tacoma to increase your chances of a successful initial claim application.

    At Gustad Law Group, our Social Security lawyers have the expertise to file claims correctly on the first try and speed up the process of getting disability benefits.

    Tacoma Social Security Disability Benefits

    Social Security disability benefits fall under these two categories:

    Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

    Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) pays monthly benefits to disabled workers.

    • SSDI Eligibility: To qualify for SSDI benefits, you must have Social Security Disability Insurance coverage. Also, you must have an injury or illness that will lead to death or stop you from working for at least a year.
    • Application Process: Even if you qualify for SSDI benefits, you cannot receive compensation unless you apply for it. Incorrectly applying can lead to a denied application. Avoid such an outcome by hiring a Social Security disability attorney from Gustad Law Group to handle the claims process on your behalf.
    • Amount: Receivable SSDI benefits will depend on a worker’s past earnings. In 2021, SSDI paid the average claimant about $1,200 a month.

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

    Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a different federal benefits program. It pays monthly benefits to low-income earners who are blind, aged, or disabled.

    • SSI Eligibility: To be eligible for SSI, you must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified national or alien. You must also be over 65, blind, or disabled with low income or limited financial assets. Blind or disabled children may also qualify for SSI.
    • Application Process: You can apply for SSI through an online disability application. However, getting a Social Security lawyer from Gustad Law Group to handle the process will increase the likelihood of an application being successful.
    • Amount: In 2021, monthly maximum SSI payments were $794 for individuals and $1,191 for eligible couples.

    Qualities of a Competent Local Social Security Disability Lawyer

    As you are looking for a dependable Social Security disability lawyer in Tacoma, WA, be sure to look for these qualities:

    • Your comfort in speaking with the lawyer: When talking to a Social Security attorney, you should feel safe and comfortable answering their questions.
    • Your feeling of not being judged by the lawyer: Professional Social Security disability lawyers put their personal biases aside and prioritize a client’s needs and objectives.
    • The attorney’s ability to listen and understand: Well-trained Social Security lawyers take the time to listen to a client’s needs and situation. Doing so gives them the insight they need to provide personalized and effective representation.
    • The attorney’s years of successful experiences in handling social security disability cases: An experienced SSDI attorney knows what to avoid and the best tactics for desired results.

    At Gustad Law Group in Tacoma, our SSDI lawyers should check all the above boxes and make the disability claim process efficient for you. Visit our Tacoma, WA, office to meet our Social Security disability lawyers in person. We serve the entire city, including local neighborhoods like Alder, Brookedale, Claremont, Dash Point, Evergreen, First Creek, Golden Glen, Highlands, Lookout Hill, Mckinnley, North Slope, Oak Tree Hill, Park Avenue, Riverside, South Adams, Tule Lake, Union Ave, Vista View, Wildhorse, and more.

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    Applying for Social Security doesn’t have to be an arduous process. At Gustad Law Group, our team of knowledgeable lawyers has years of experience helping clients like you through every stage of the application process.

    Regardless of your application stage, let’s get in touch. We will assign you a knowledgeable SSDI lawyer who has had a high success rate in helping clients like you claim rightful compensations.

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