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    Negligent care given at nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities needs to be acknowledged. Firstly, the wronged party deserves to be compensated for the inadequate care provided to them. Secondly, it calls attention to the quality of care of the facility, which the public deserves to know. Bringing attention to these issues holds these facilities accountable, helping them understand there will be consequences for negligent care.

    When the frail do not have the ability to care for themselves, the care provided to them needs to be held to the highest of standards. In many cases, the quality of care in nursing homes is unsatisfactory. There is a high number of injuries that occur in nursing homes on both statewide and nationwide levels that result from negligent care.

    One of the most damaging outcomes from these incidents is the loss of dignity of these harmed individuals. Our elder citizens deserve respect and exceptional care when they are in need.

    Common nursing home and elder abuse issues we see include dehydration and malnutrition, wrongful death, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnosis, prescription errors, falls and fractures, abuse and assault.

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