Those who rely on disability claims to supplement lost income often wonder how can a disability claim be expedited. While there is no guarantee of a faster solution, below are three ways that may make the claims process work a little faster.

How Can a Disability Claim Be Expedited?

Submit medical records with your application

Whenever possible, a claimant should submit medical records to verify all of the procedures listed in the claim. Sometimes obtaining these records can be difficult. Occasionally a hospital may charge you for copying records. Sometimes doctors simply do not want to provide them. However, the more validation you are able to supply that supports your claim, the faster your claim can be processed. In cases where your claim is strong, providing medical records can actually save months of processing time and reduce the waiting period for approval dramatically.

Provide thorough and complete information

When filling out claim paperwork for Social Security disability, an applicant needs to list all of the sources of their medical treatment. These sources include the dates of treatment, addresses of the doctor’s office or hospital where the treatment occurred, and the names of all the doctors involved. Providing a detailed picture of your medical history will aid the claims examiner in processing your application. If the examiner needs to contact you for missing information, it will only slow down the process. That is why offering as much information as possible during the initial application will improve your processing time.

Ask about Fast-track programs

The Social Security Administration publishes a list of “compassionate allowances”. If your condition appears on this list – which primarily consists of terminal illnesses – your claim may be expedited. Other conditions can sometimes qualify for presumptive disability benefits. It is important to check this list before filing your claim.

In the event that your disability claim is denied, you can always appeal the decision. Please note though that the appeals process can take a year or more to reach a final decision. To learn more, contact Gustad Law Group by calling 206-533-2222.