The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is a national organization serving Officers in all 7 components of the Uniformed Services: Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health, and National Ocean & Atmospheric Agency. All seven components are the Uniformed Commissioned Officers of the Executive Branch.

MOAA allows like-minded members of national MOAA to form Chapters and seek out national MOAA members to join the local chapter. The Seattle chapter has approximately 1,945 active MOAA members in the greater Puget Sound area. MOAA-Seattle Chapter is supported by 3 Pillars; Social Activities; Veteran Services and Philanthropy.

Gustad Law Group is a proud sponsor of the Seattle MOAA chapter and accords its officer members the highest consideration, respect and representation just as they provided in their service to country.

The Military Officers Association of America

History of the MOAA

The Military Officers Association of America – originally the Retired Officers Association – was founded in 1929 and originally headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Its goal was to provide assistance and to encourage brotherly relationships among the military. Nearing the end of the World War II in 1944, the group moved its primary headquarters to Washington, D.C.. At the time, the group had 2,600 members.

The group’s name was changed to The Military Officers Association of America in 2002. Today, it has more than 380 thousand members. It is the largest military officers’ organizations in the country. Along with advocating for a stronger national defense system, the group provides therapeutic counseling and career assistance for veterans and educational assistance for military children.

Structure of the MOAA

The MOAA is governed by an elected board of directors. It is composed of 36 members from all of the individual uniformed services. Heading the board is the chairman and three vice-chairmen. The MOAA president oversees day-to-day operations The chief financial officer and secretary are elected to their positions.

The MOAA is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. The association keeps its members up-to-date on key issues in politics and legislation. It works to identify important national defense issues, especially national defense. The MOAA is not, however, directly involved in active military strategy debates.