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If you have been denied your disability compensation or pension benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), or if you believe your current VA disability compensation or pension is incorrect, you are not alone and you should not be unrepresented. There are many excellent Veterans Service Organizations (VSO) that assist Veterans free of charge. However, most VSO are completely overwhelmed with a daunting caseload and an extraordinary backlog of Veterans seeking benefits through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Many Veterans who are seeking service connected compensation are dealing with catastrophic or debilitating medical conditions and treatment for those conditions often takes an extraordinary amount of time.

You should have devoted effective legal representation for a complicated and demanding process. Call Gustad Law Group today for a free consultation with VA accredited attorney!

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Remember that VA disability compensation and/or pension benefits may be awarded for preexisting medical conditions made worse by military service. If you have served your country in the military and seek compensation for service related medical conditions, Gustad Law Group will serve you with knowledgeable and effective representation against the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA is in the business of telling Veterans that their medical conditions are not related to their military service (nexus) or claim that their medical conditions are simply not severe enough to warrant compensation from the VA. Gustad Law Group will listen to the Veteran explain how the military service may have caused medical conditions that are compensable by the VA. Additionally, Gustad Law Group looks to established case law to identify a nexus to military service that the Veteran may not knew existed. Gustad Law Group has attorneys with VA accreditation who are ready to assist you. Please call Gustad Law Group today for a free consultation regarding your claim for disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs!

VA Process

The process of obtaining disability compensation benefits through the VA is a frustratingly daunting and complicated one. Gustad Law Group handles the complexities of the VA rating schedule for disabilities. We pursue increases in VA rating percentages as well as appealing full and partial denials of VA compensation benefits. We represent Veterans before the Regional Office for Veterans Affairs, the Board of Veterans Appeals and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Please call Gustad Law Group for a free consultation today!


Thank You!

To all Veterans who have served their country with military service, thank you for what you have done for every United States citizen. A debt of gratitude is owed to you and that Gustad Law Group intends to honor.

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