Car accidents are incredibly stressful events. A hit-and-run accident can be even more stressful. Entangling insurance, dealing with police reports, and dealing with possible injuries is extremely taxing.

Hit-and-run accidents can be some of the most frustrating and difficult events one can deal with. A hit-and-run accident is defined as an accident where another driver causes damage to you or your vehicle. If you ever experience a hit-and-run accident, here’s what you should do.

Dial 911

The first and foremost step you should do is to immediately call 911. If you or someone else is injured, you must let them know. You should also make it clear that the other driver has fled the scene. Give details about their vehicle–make, model, color, and if possible, anything you gathered about their license plate. This could help them locate them.

Document As Much As You Can

Providing documentation to the police is the most crucial thing you can do. While you may be in shock, try to jot down any information you experienced in a notes app on your phone or a piece of paper. Some things you should include are:

-the date and time of the incident
-the damage is done to your vehicle (take pictures)
-type of injuries and severity of them
-the descriptions of the fleeing vehicle
-any contact info of witnesses

Call Your Insurance Company

After the accident, and If you have received medical care after your accident, you must contact your insurance company. While Washington is not a no-fault state, drivers do have the option to opt-in for no-fault insurance. If that is the case for you, your insurance can set up a no-fault claim. If the driver has been located, you could also bring upon a personal injury claim against them, for expenses that may have not been covered by your insurance.

Care accidents are an incredibly difficult event that no one wants to go through. Hit-and-run accidents can also be even more stressful. If you have been involved in an automobile accident and have been injured, make sure to contact a trusted personal injury lawyer.