What is The Guardians Foundation, Inc.? The Guardians are a nonprofit 501c3 public charity that help military veterans and their families secure food, clothing, shelter counseling recommendations, employment and education opportunities, and unanticipated expenses. Employing assets within Spokane, WA and the surrounding communities, the passionate staff at the The Guardians Foundation, Inc. connects with veterans and their families to deliver comfort and aid.

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What Is The Guardians Foundation, Inc.

The Top Five Issues Facing Today’s Veterans:

If you watch the news regularly or know someone who has served, you may have heard about some of the challenges veterans face when they leave the battlefield and integrate into an ordinary society. The government has put in place programs and measures to deal with the more anticipated problems, but more needs to be done. Here are five major issues facing veterans today:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. An alarming number of retired servicemen report cases of PTSD. Many of these individuals need long-term emotional care. Recovery begins with pinpointing where the trauma began and identifying how these specific incidents caused physical and emotional distress.

Claims. Military benefits differ from one country to another; as do the procedures for handling each case. Only a few servicemen anticipate trouble back home when they file for benefits or claims.

Unemployment. Ex-military personnel come equipped with all types of skills and knowledge,. Sometimes, however, jobs are hard to come by, making it that much harder to obtain self-sufficiency. A number of programs have been set up both by the federal government and organizations linked to military service, but there must be a continued effort.

Short-term needs. Even with extensive military training and experience, civilian issues can present problems. It takes dedicated programs to make sure these individuals can find work and earn a proper living when they leave the military.

Homelessness. A solution can be found for just about every homeless veteran, but a personalized plan is necessary to get them them off the streets and living in proper homes with and the company of loved ones.