Anyone who’s being honest about supporting Veterans in their search for resources and benefits should have the self-awareness to realize how and why they are doing what they are doing. Many Veterans see window placards, commercials, fancy signs with flag draped graphics – focus group tested to appeal to our (yes I’m a Veteran too) oft-attributed sense of patriotism, only to realize that the organization advertising it either doesn’t actually know anything about Veterans, or they are unable to live up to their promises.

I learned once that if you want to lead in one aspect of your life, you have to lead in all aspects of your life. A business is much the same. If we are to build a business supporting Veterans we need to support Veterans in many areas, not just the one area we specialize in, VA Service Connected Disability Appeals and Social Security. We need to advocate for Veterans in community organizations, consortiums, town halls, and more. We must “walk the walk” even more than we “talk the talk.” We could do an “adequate” job, perhaps, by negating these actions, but we would not be striving for excellence, and frankly would not be putting our full effort into supporting Veterans through their service connected claims and appeals.

Let’s face it too, the claims process often takes years. This is where I drive down to my point in the first two paragraphs. It’s only through this community leadership and Veterans advocacy and activism that we are able to truly provide full service support to the Veterans we represent in their years long service connected disability and social security claims. Our approach is to build a relationship, and learn your needs, even beyond a compensation or pension claim. This is not a simple financial transaction, it is a long-term relationship, where-in we use our knowledge, skills, and abilities to find you solutions to your compensation and pension challenges.

The claims process and timelines (link to other post) is often long and confusing, as well as frustrating beyond reason. You may not know it, but you have the ability to work with a great number of different types of representatives, not just attorneys or agents, in seeking resolution. We already know this, so do all other representatives you may have or will talk to. You should always work with the representative that works the best for you and with you. We seek to do both.