A Social Security Disability claims being rejected is not a unique situation. Some are turned down for financial reasons. Others are denied due to the the claimant’s health status. If you are thinking about applying for disability benefits, you should know some common reasons Social Security Disability claims are denied.

Common Reasons Social Security Disability Claims Are Rejected

The claimant is currently employed.

Working indicates you are not disabled. Part-time employment might disqualify you from receiving benefits. It is important that you provide proof of your disability.

The claimant is not severely impaired.

You must have a legitimate impairment to qualify for benefits. Your impairment must prevent you from working.

The claimant is under-employed.

Your work history is a determining factor on whether you will qualify for benefits. While still being employed indicates you are not disabled, not having worked enough is a disqualifying factor.

The claimant is too young.

You may be disqualified if you are under the age of 50. Furthermore, you must demonstrate that you are disabled and that you cannot perform small tasks.

The claimant is receiving unemployment benefits.

Most judges do not consider unemployment benefits as being consistent with a disability claim. It is recommend that you cancel your unemployment benefits if you need to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

The disability is limited.

Social Security may deny your application if your disability lasts less than 12 months. Make sure the you provide proof of your prolonged disability when applying.

These are the most common reasons Social Security Disability claims get rejected. When you apply, bring all documents you need to prove your case. Review these guidelines yourself before applying. Finally, consult with a Social Security attorney from Gustad Law Group in person or by phone at 206-533-2222. Employing professional legal representation will significantly increase the chance that you secure compensation.