Over 50 and
unable to work?

Gustad Law Group can help
you win the disability benefits you need.

Are you between 50 and 64 and unable to work?

Gustad Law Group will use the Social Security Administration’s regulations to help you win the disability benefits you need. The Medical-Vocational guidelines (the grid rules) may allow for a finding of disability if you are unable to retun to performing the type of work you used to do once you reach the age of 50. The grid rules make additional considerations for disability when you turn 55. The Social Security Administration must consider your age, education, past work history and vocational skills in determining whether you are disabled. Call us today so we can use Social Security’s own rules to help win disability benefits for you.

You’ve worked hard all your life.

Now, your health problems make it impossible for you to do the type of work you used to do and you may not have job skills to perform other types of work. Because of this, the grid rules exist to ensure if you cannot work, disability should be awarded to help you. Gustad Law Group knows these rules inside and out and will make sure the Social Security Administration properly applies them to your case. Rely on Gustad Law Group to make sure the Social Security rules and regulations are applied properly to win disability benefits for you.

Social Security Disability is an insurance policy.

When you work for a living and have Social Security taxes (FICA) withheld from your paychecks, part of those funds pay for YOUR disability policy. If you are over 50 and you are unable to work, our Social Security Disability lawyers want to help you get the benefits your hard work has paid for!

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