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Denied Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income?

If you are DENIED Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income, DON’T GIVE UP! Just because the Social Security Administration issues a decision denying you benefits does not mean the decision is right or final. If you have been denied you have the right to appeal but you only have a limited amount of time to file an appeal. Once you receive a denial your time to appeal begins to run out so do not miss your deadline to appeal!

If you have been denied call Gustad Law Group today for a free consultation to discuss your claim for disability. There is no obligation to be represented by Gustad Law Group but you owe it to yourself to garner as much good legal advice as possible to determine how to proceed.

Why do I have to appear before an administrative law judge?

Most people whose claims are denied have to appear at an administrative hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). The administrative hearing serves as an opportunity for you to explain your conditions to the ALJ and often serves as a credibility test to gauge your degree of disability. At Gustad Law Group, we know how to turn denials into approvals by effectively preparing your testimony and helping you to answer questions honestly and clearly. Gustad Law Group will use multiple legal arguments for a finding of disability using the Social Security Administration’s own rules. The ALJ has the right to call medical experts (ME) and vocational experts (VE) to provide expert testimony that the ALJ can rely on in making a decision. We effectively cross-examine the experts to make sure their testimony is as favorable to a finding of disability as possible. Gustad Law Group works on a contingency meaning we will never charge you a fee unless we win benefits for you. As always, it is FREE to consult with Gustad Law Group with questions about your claim.

In many ways your administrative hearing is the most critical stage in your case because the ALJ Is not bound by Social Security’s prior determinations and can award you benefits regardless of what Social Security said previously. Your administrative hearing before the ALJ is often your only chance to present evidence in person it is crucial that you are well prepared and the evidence is complete. If you have an administrative hearing scheduled, if you are waiting for a hearing date or if you need to request an administrative hearing, please call Gustad Law Group for a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!

Gustad Law Group can help!

We can analyze your Social Security file, prepare your case and set the strategy. We will gather additional evidence from your doctors and medical providers that help make legal arguments to support a finding of disabilit. We will then prepare your testimony and the testimony of friends or family members (lay witnesses), question witnesses (for your side), and cross-examine any medical and vocational experts who testify at your hearing.

More people win social security disability and SSI with a lawyer

According to Social Security’s own statistics, people win benefits more often when they have representation than when they don’t. Since there are no attorney fees if you don’t win benefits, the decision to get legal representation is an easy one.

Gustad Law Group can help at all levels of Social Security appeals, whether you need to apply for benefits or were already denied, contact us to talk about your case. If we don’t win disability benefits for you then you owe us nothing!

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