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Gustad Law

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  • John-Paul Gustad Principal, Attorney

    John-Paul (J-P) Gustad represents SSDI and SSI clients in Washington, Oregon, California and in any state in which a claimant needs help. Gustad represents Veterans throughout the United States. With offices in both Seattle and Tacoma, Gustad effectively represents clients in the Puget Sound area with established professional relationships with hundreds of physicians and medical professionals. Gustad personally represents clients in Spokane, WA and Portland, OR and U.S. Veterans throughout the United States.

  • Maren Miller Bam Attorney

    Maren represents claimants in SSDI and SSI claims as well as Veterans seeking Service Connected Compensation Benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA). In addition to securing SSDI and SSI benefits for her clients, Maren has extensive experience serving as legal counsel to individuals with over-payment and cessations cases but is also available to provide hourly consultation services for individuals who need help.